goes to abroad preparation

there are many things that you have to prepare before goes to abroad either you want to travel or study in there. these tips write according my experience before.

1. Prepare your visa

when you want to go somewhere which need visa as one of requirement to entrance the country, you must ensure that you have already handled your visa in embassy a long day before your departure,at least 7 days before . because there is a chance your visa will be rejected because of certain things. it’s better when you open the website embassies of the countries to ensure  all of the requirements that required to make visa before you go to embassy to make it. if your visa application rejected for many times i suggest you to use services of travel agent to handle itImage


2. change your currency

the second steps that you have to do –> exchange your currency into usd or euro. why usd or euro? because both of them are the general currency in the worls :D. im not quiete sure that your native currency available in every country to change. to make it safer and easier to do some transaction just bring both of them not others

3. don’t bring a lot of stuff especially clothes

to make your journey as comfortable as your expectation dont bring a lot of clothes. im sure that you will be buy the new one in there. so provide a lot of space in your luggage. not bring a lot of stuff make you decrease your cost to pay bagage fee and some troubles like you lost your luggage because it left in airpot that you have been transit in there when you don’t use direct flight and you have to pay more for that. so i suggest just bring stuff that you need in that countryImage

4. bring your native food

im not guarantee that you will love the food in there because it has different taste absolutely. to keep your appetite please bring food that you like from your country. it will be like home when you eat the food that you bring.


5. find out about country which you wanna go

learn about language, sights, destination place, travel object, and culture of your destination country before you go to avoid shock culture in there.make some list that you wanna do in there is the best way to organize your time during your travel . 🙂

well, have a nice journey then. (^o^)



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